Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pic's from the Beach

North Carolina!

Well we've made it to NC, awhile ago (sorry for being so late). It's great finally living together, and being together longer than two weeks at a time! I've set up the house and am taking good care of Carrick and our room-mate Mason. We live in a two bedroom townhouse. Kinda small but we make it work. I find stuff around the house to do while Carrick is at work, and I hope to start my new job as a lifeguard on base soon. We always have a great time on the weekends and have turned into quite the beach-bums! We usually go to Topsail Beach which is beautiful and close by, and is actually where Carrick proposed to me :) That's about all that's happening. My Mom is visiting this weekend and I will be going back to Iowa July 5-18 to help out at Camp Tahigwa and go to my cousin's wedding. I'm pretty excited for that because I'm missing Iowa and camp!

Our thoughts have been with our families who are experiencing flooding right now.