Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas/1 year pictures!

Carrick and I are now in Iowa for the holidays. We are loving the snow... not so much on the cold. We are enjoying are time with family before we move. We spent a day with my sister, Meagan, and her boyfriend, Ryan, taking pictures in the fluffy white stuff. Enjoy :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I failed

Yes I'm throwing in the towel. Right now my life is busy and too bland (I'm not sure if those to fit) to share with you so I'm pausing the picture a day and deciding to start up again when we are in Okinawa. There will be much more to share with you then and it will be more exciting content.

So I shall so you in Jan 09. I may be back to update here and there but don't count on it, and for those who are wondering... we will be going to Iowa Dec 10-31 to celebrate the holidays with the fam, then back to NC Jan 1-10 to move and check out of the unit, then off to Okinawa!

Here is one thing to share: a picture from MC Birthday Ball, Nov 1st

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 11

I took this artsy photo of Carrick's boots after I was astonished at what one week in the field did to them. They started of a tan color and came home this greeny brown. He spent the week traipsing through the woods during some "secret squirrel" training. His boots aren't the only things showing wear. His legs are covered in chigger bites and his hands have thorn scrapes all over them. Poor baby. But he comes home for good tomorrow (he made a quick stop back at the house today) and I will be sooo happy to have him back home!

Day 10

Pumpkins! We picked these up at Walmart the other day to add to the fall feeling in the house. I needed a little touch of the season considering it feels nothing like fall here yet. I miss cool Autumn nights and high school football games. It will make my day when I can be comfortable in jeans and a sweatshirt!

Day 9

This is a picture I snapped of a flower/weed in our backyard. Possibly the only pretty thing considering we have a "ditch" that fills up when it rains, bringing with it litter, beer cans, and other rubbish. I call it a weed because it grew up out of our previous compost pile, which we ditched because our backyard is small and there wasn't enough room to neutralize the smell : (. But anyway, enjoy the pretty weed, I did.

Day 8

So I'm completely obsessed with sour gummi worms. It's easy for Carrick to make me happy because he'll come home from work with a bag or surprise me at work with gummies and he'll make my day. What can I

say, I'm easy to please :)

PS this picture was taken in a GIANT bag that I found at the pharmacy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

All right... I suck at the picture thing but this time it wasn't my fault. My camera ran out of batteries! So I'm back at it, and have some catching up to do.The first picture is of our newly redecorated bathroom, and the second is a painting I did to put in it!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 5

Today was opening game day for the big 10. I guess it needs to be said that our house is a big 10 house with Carrick obviously a Hawkeyes fan and our roomate a die-hard Ohio Stater. When I say die hard I mean he was freaking out this morning when he couldn't remember where he put his necklace made from buckeyes and contemplated which of his 30 Ohio caps would bring his team the most luck. But to my picture.... it's of the kick-butt potato skins I make for BBQ's and now college game days. I will say they are really good. I fill them to the brim with bacon, tomatoes, chives, and cheese. Add a little chili powder and you can't go wrong!

Day 4

Behold my new SEWING MACHINE! I've wanted one for a while to mess around with and possibly make some stuff and I finally treated myself to one! It's a pretty basic machine but it's pretty cool to me. It has more stitches than I could ever know what to do with and makes button holes so I was sold. So far I'm working on a dress and may post pictures depending on how it goes...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 3

So I'm feeling pretty lazy today and didn't manage to take a picture... so I'll share one I took a while ago. It's of Carrick being his crazy self. One day we were hanging out in the living room and he grabbed my blanket and wrapped it around his head like a lion's mane. So here you go.... Enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 2

Meet Gamble. Our roomate's dog, named after some Ohio State football player. He once was a crazy dog who bounced off the walls and always wanted to be where your feet were, but in the span that he was dog-sat while our roomate when home, he became a normal dog. He no longer chews up our stuff or poops in the house which is great! Gamble is a collie but right now it's hard to tell because our roomate shaved all his hair off because he was shedding like crazy! So here's another pic of his nakedness.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Picture a Day

Hello Everyone!

So I know that I'm a terrible blogger and updates are few and far between, so I'm taking a new approach. Some of my friends have taken a picture a day and posted them and a little story about them each day, so I think I'll follow suit! And in my true style I'm late... so I'm starting with yesterday.

For some of you who haven't hear Carrick and I received orders! And from the picture you can guess that we're going to Okinawa, Japan. My yesterday consisted of doing research about Okinawa and ways to make our PCS (permanent change of station) easier. This website I found was great! It's a blog made by mostly women who have lived in Oki for a while and they share their experiences. The comments people leave are really helpful too.

So now I'm really pumped to move, unfortunately we have a long road ahead of us between getting medically checked, arranging our government movers, deciding what goes and stays, and soo much more!

And for those of you who are wondering we're set to be in Japan early January, which means we are taking leave for the whole month of December and going back to Iowa!

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the pictures on the way!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 2008

Hello Everyone!
Another update... I got back from Iowa a few days ago, and had a great time :). I just finished training for my new lifeguarding job today so I will be starting within the next two weeks which I am excited about. That's really all I have to update on... I know, not very exciting.
I do have some new pictures... Some of our house

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pic's from the Beach

North Carolina!

Well we've made it to NC, awhile ago (sorry for being so late). It's great finally living together, and being together longer than two weeks at a time! I've set up the house and am taking good care of Carrick and our room-mate Mason. We live in a two bedroom townhouse. Kinda small but we make it work. I find stuff around the house to do while Carrick is at work, and I hope to start my new job as a lifeguard on base soon. We always have a great time on the weekends and have turned into quite the beach-bums! We usually go to Topsail Beach which is beautiful and close by, and is actually where Carrick proposed to me :) That's about all that's happening. My Mom is visiting this weekend and I will be going back to Iowa July 5-18 to help out at Camp Tahigwa and go to my cousin's wedding. I'm pretty excited for that because I'm missing Iowa and camp!

Our thoughts have been with our families who are experiencing flooding right now.


Friday, May 9, 2008


Just another update.... Carrick is still in NC and will be home in 1 Week! I'm just finishing up school with finals and last minute projects. I will be graduating soon! I'm looking forward to seeing all the family before I go, but not looking forward to saying goodbye. Other than that not much is happening with us. I'm busy with work and school and moving, and Carrick is busy like usual with work.

Well, next time I suppose I will be posting for North Carolina!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

{ 4~2~08 }

Welcome to our blog.... there's not much here yet, but we will be posting regularily to keep our family and friends updated. =) Right now we are still living apart, I am finishing up college in Iowa and Carrick is living in our house in Jacksonville, NC. I will graduate with my Agriculture Science degree on May 16th and we are moving to Jacksonville the 17th! We are excited to finally live together! That's about it for now. Keep in touch!