Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 11

I took this artsy photo of Carrick's boots after I was astonished at what one week in the field did to them. They started of a tan color and came home this greeny brown. He spent the week traipsing through the woods during some "secret squirrel" training. His boots aren't the only things showing wear. His legs are covered in chigger bites and his hands have thorn scrapes all over them. Poor baby. But he comes home for good tomorrow (he made a quick stop back at the house today) and I will be sooo happy to have him back home!

Day 10

Pumpkins! We picked these up at Walmart the other day to add to the fall feeling in the house. I needed a little touch of the season considering it feels nothing like fall here yet. I miss cool Autumn nights and high school football games. It will make my day when I can be comfortable in jeans and a sweatshirt!

Day 9

This is a picture I snapped of a flower/weed in our backyard. Possibly the only pretty thing considering we have a "ditch" that fills up when it rains, bringing with it litter, beer cans, and other rubbish. I call it a weed because it grew up out of our previous compost pile, which we ditched because our backyard is small and there wasn't enough room to neutralize the smell : (. But anyway, enjoy the pretty weed, I did.

Day 8

So I'm completely obsessed with sour gummi worms. It's easy for Carrick to make me happy because he'll come home from work with a bag or surprise me at work with gummies and he'll make my day. What can I

say, I'm easy to please :)

PS this picture was taken in a GIANT bag that I found at the pharmacy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

All right... I suck at the picture thing but this time it wasn't my fault. My camera ran out of batteries! So I'm back at it, and have some catching up to do.The first picture is of our newly redecorated bathroom, and the second is a painting I did to put in it!