Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's June?

In the words of Albus Dumbledore... "Time is making fools of us again."

I seriously can't believe it's June. I can't believe this is our last summer on Okinawa, or that I will be home in 10 days, or that I will be meeting my niece in around 16 days!

Everything is happening fast, but I like it that way! If you know me you know I am not very patient and I hate waiting.

So since the last time I wrote here... I survived Girl Scout Camp. I was planning on writing a post about it afterwards, but it turns out I would rather block the whole experience out of my mind! Well not the whole experience I guess... We did manage to have an adequate amount of fun. I met some really amazing women, who I can now call friends, and I hope to visit in Korea before we move, but some aspects I will be happy to forget forever!

I'm still trudging away at school and will be one more semester down in August. I will start observing in classrooms this fall which I'm pretty excited about.

We had a pretty big typhoon hit a couple of weeks ago. The largest one since we've been here. There were a lot of trees broken and uprooted and some property damage. Carrick's car was the worst hit for us, with a big dent in the front fender. He just got it fixed this weekend though.

He's been keeping busy golfing, and I'm hitting up the pool and beach like it's cool. I'm also rereading Harry Potter for at least the seventh time. I just love my HP. I'm almost finished with the sixth book and I'm just reminded how much I love these books. JK Rowling is truly brilliant! It's just amazing how she's created this whole world and weaves together this story through all the books. Each time I read them I catch new details. Not to mention the characters... I feel like I know them and care about them..... and Yes, Carrick thinks I'm a huge nerd!

I've also been sewing a lot. I'm trying to use up my fabric stores so we have less stuff to move (my reasons may be coming in a post to follow) and I'll post some pictures of what I've been working on soon.