Friday, September 17, 2010

Putting off a History Project

That's right... I should be working on my project, a power point about U.S. and world history, but I keep just staring at the computer screen and nothing is coming from my mind, so I'll update here :) It has been a while.

We're still no closer to getting a job or orders for Carrick. I'm still plugging away at school. I'm already done with one class this semester! Yeah!

We've had two weekends of staying inside because of typhoons, and another one coming this weekend. It's silly because the Japanese don't even blink an eye at these storms, and nothing really happens except rain, but the military has rules that we have to follow.

Last weekend was typhoon free though, and we got to go to an eisa festival. Eisa is a style of Japanese drumming. It also involves dancing and music from a stringed, guitar like instrument (I don't remember the name, and probably couldn't spell it anyway).

We had a great time with our friends, who are amazing. I feel so lucky that I got hooked up with these people. Even though they've lived on the other side of the world, we still have so much in common. We're all kind of crazy and weird at times which has made my life here so much better.

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