Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1,007 Stairs

That's how many we ascended and descended in order to see this beautiful scenery.

Carrick counted on our way out.

This is Hiji Falls.
My calves will never be the same.
On a side note: See that Mt. Dew in his hand? He makes me laugh, can't even go into the wilderness without a Mt. Dew. He's seriously addicted. When we are out of Mt. Dew at the house it is referred to as a "Dew Emergency" which is promptly followed by a trip to the store. He gets anxious when he's driving if he doesn't have a can with him.... sometimes he doesn't even open it, just holds it like his security blanket.

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Devon said...

I was just looking through some blogs of those that follow my blog and found yours. What an amazing experience for you and your husband! I've been to Kyoto and Tokyo about 6 times in the past few years for work. I'm completely in love with Japan and I hope you are enjoying yourselves. I'm looking forward to following your journey. :)