Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our (soon to be) New Home

In between my turns to love up on my new baby niece, I set out on an alternate mission while I was visiting in Iowa, to find us a new home. For the past few months we (really 'I' with Carrick following along reluctantly) hatched a plan for our living arrangement when we move back stateside to allow us to save as much money as possible to eventually buy a house when we choose to settle permanently.

Are you ready to hear our crazy plan?! We will be living in a 31ft travel trailer for the 18 months that Carrick will have left in the Marine Corps once we return stateside.

I have been researching online families who live fulltime in campers and rvs, and it really seemed like a viable and inventive way to live while we work on saving. Many of these families travel the world, which is why they choose a more moble lifestyle. However, we will be parking our trailer, which has been fittingly named "Happy," at our next duty station, most likely North Carolina. I'd love to take some time after Carrick get's out to do some traveling, but that will probably take some more convincing :).

So here are the specs of our new home:

1996 31ft Holiday Rambler travel trailer
Super slide in living room/kitchen

and of course pictures!

I plan to do some redecorating and painting, so these will be the 'before' pictures.


Living Room

Entertainment/Storage in LR

Hallway Closets


Above toilet and little bit of vanity



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papa said...

the chairs are much brighter after your work