Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where are we going from here?

You may be wondering what is next for us.

I have one week left in Okinawa, followed by one week spent with Girl Scouts in South Korea.

After that I will be moving in with family for about 5-6months to complete observations and tasks in an elementary classroom. These tasks are pre-student teaching. We decided it was best for me to be in one place right now so I can knock out these tasks and get it done... instead of starting and stopping in three different places. Because of this I will be moving back to Iowa sooner, and staying later, than Carrick will.

Carrick will be staying in Okinawa until sometime around the 1st of Nov. He will get to come to Iowa for about 30 days of leave, and then move to North Carolina before Dec. 2nd.

I'm not looking forward to us being apart, but I know it is only temporary and will be worth it in the long run when I finally have my degree! Because I won't be able to move to NC until I get my tasks done in Iowa it will also be great motivation and keep me working hard so I can join my man sooner!

So that's the outlook for the Johnsons. Up next, Korea!!!

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