Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The After

Here are pictures of our RV remodel. Enjoy!
New paint and upholstery.
Magnetic and chalkboard paint for the freezer.
One of my favorite things... retractable faucet thanks to Carrick's dad!
Removed the couch and put in our reclining loveseat and book shelves.
You can see our electric heater that works great! We don't use our propane one.
New paint and curtains. I just made that painting today.
We also switched out the mattress for our ultra-comfy but slightly larger one.
Towel storage inside the bathroom door.
New bathroom paint for the walls and fixtures.
Bathroom artwork...
How to be an Artist, and a picture of kids from all over the world
I picked up at an artist's shop in Korea.


Brenda said...

It looks wonderful!!!! Exactly what I want to do with one as far as making one our own.

How did you get your sofa in there?? did it fit through the door? lol

Great Job! Great Colors!!!

Brenda said...

Ps... We are Air Force and are currently at Hill AFB in Utah. Husband is in Korea for a year our follow on is Kadena. Are you guys still with the military and living full time in your RV?

Brenda said...

Ok I will say just ignore my questions I had a moment to go through and found your before pics and seen you answer my question about living full time. Sorry I think I was just awe struck by your new home I couldn't be reasonable and look for the answers first before asking questions.

carrickandmissy said...

No worries Brenda! The sofa comes apart (the backs of the recliners come off) so it fit in pieces just barely. Will you be joining your husband at Kadena? We love Okinawa, miss it every day!

Claire' Healthy Home said...

Beautiful! It looks like a home. Thank you for sharing your pictures. We are looking for our 5th wheel now and I want to do the same thing. We are traveling for a year with our 3 boys. Was it easy to paint the walls with regular paint?