Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 5

Today was opening game day for the big 10. I guess it needs to be said that our house is a big 10 house with Carrick obviously a Hawkeyes fan and our roomate a die-hard Ohio Stater. When I say die hard I mean he was freaking out this morning when he couldn't remember where he put his necklace made from buckeyes and contemplated which of his 30 Ohio caps would bring his team the most luck. But to my picture.... it's of the kick-butt potato skins I make for BBQ's and now college game days. I will say they are really good. I fill them to the brim with bacon, tomatoes, chives, and cheese. Add a little chili powder and you can't go wrong!

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Anonymous said...

you are not doing a very good job keeping up with this picture idea of yours :)... hope you are safe in the storms! love you!