Friday, February 13, 2009

Where we live

Across the bay from Camp Courtney


Our Backyard


Where our guests will be staying :)


We've got our house, government furniture, and express shipment. So that's about 1/10th of our stuff, but we're just happy to be out of the hotel!


Anonymous said...

Hi Missy,
Glad to see you're out of the hotel. Always nice to have your own space. Hopefully the rest of your things will come soon. From the photos, it looks like a fine place to be for a few years.
Take care of each other.
Love, Marian

Anonymous said...

Hi Kids!
Looks like FINE DIGS!! Beautiful blossoms, what kind of bush is that? Hope you are both well. All is fine here in our little town. Take care! Love you lots, Aunt B