Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Expo Park Adventure

We had a busy weekend enjoying some of the offerings of this island. First on Saturday we went to eat at a restaurant Pizza and Sky. It was a very basic menu. pizza. salad. drinks (which were very good fruit juices). But it's easy to see that people really go there for the view and atmosphere. It sat high on a hill, in a wooded area. The dining area was traditional Japanese. low tables, mats on the floor, rice paper sliding doors (which were all opened, adding a nice breeze on a blistering hot day).

Then we went to Ocean Expo Park, which has the second largest aquarium in the world! It was pretty sweet. We saw all kinds of fish and ocean life, coral, manta rays, whale, tiger, and great white sharks, and the dolphin show! It was a fun day!


babydoll/Sara said...

isn't it crazy how japanese ALWAYS do the peace sign lol

Allison from corpswives said...

I visited my boyfriend over a month ago and one of our favorite parts of the trip was going to the Ocean Expo Park and seeing the dolphin show =)

Lorie said...


Those pictures are amazing! I must visit that park!