Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cereal Box Organizer

This is my first crafting post. I hope you enjoy it!

Because Okinawa is such a small island, recycling is mandatory and taken very seriously. I've always been an advocate of recycling and re-purposing items that would otherwise go in the trash. I was looking around my recycle box and wondered what I could do with the items instead of just setting them out on the curb. This gave me the idea for my cereal box organizers.

They're super easy to make! Just trace a paper organizer that you may already have, or do what I did and just eye-ball the first side with a ruler.

Once you cut out one side, lay that on the other side and trace where to cut. This way both sides are even.

Next cover the box in any scrap booking paper you like. I used scrap booking glue on one box, and hot glue on the other... both work well.

Fill with papers, notebooks, recipes, and enjoy!

Materials Needed:
Cereal Box
2 Sheets scrap booking paper, any kind of paper, wrapping paper, or even fabric would work
Glue stick / Hot glue
Pen / Pencil


Mama said...

My you are the clever duck!

jess said...

so cute and handy! i never thought to re use my cereal boxes this way!