Friday, September 25, 2009

Apron and Craft Desk

My new apron and matching dishtowels. I'm loving this pear fabric!

My new crafting area, which also doubles as dumping grounds for our wallets,
keys, newspapers, and other randomness.

Great cubbies in the side. I'm still looking for storage bins that will fit.

Scissor holder made from recycled can, scrap paper, ribbon, and a button.

My new sewing machine cover!


Mama said...

Okay, putting in my order for apron and matching dish towels. Our kitchen is now painted olive green on top and sand on the bottom. our accents are rusty red and white. If you look at the green circle on the apron I got you for Christmas, the kitchen is just a bit darker than that.

Seriously, you are doing such a great job crafting...keep it up.

jess said...

cute apron! love that fabric. it's so nice to have a spot for crafting, isn't it?