Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where has the time gone!?

I'm so sorry for taking so long between posts. Things seem to be catching up with me lately and unfortunately this blog has been sent to the back burner. But I'm back now, and here with pictures of our Christmas!

Our Christmas went a little something like this:

Carrick and I headed out to Christmas Eve dinner at one of our favorite steak houses. We accidentally order the wrong set and ended up with way more steak than we knew what to do with!

Then we went to Christmas Eve church at the chapel. There were a lot of carols (Carrick's favorite part. hehe) and some awkward moments with the communion when no one was sure when we were supposed to take it. It was obvious it was a congregation made up of people from many different churches. We all got the message though, and that was the important part. We're so grateful for that little baby's birth!

After church we went home to open presents and take the mandatory, annual, family picture in front of the tree. (hooray for a camera with a timer!)

Yoshi was so excited for his presents! The pig ear we gave him was his favorite. It didn't leave his mouth the whole night except for the above picture, and when we took him for a walk. However, he did carry it outside with him, and I had to take it away so he would go potty.

Christmas morning we slept in, which was lovely. When we finally got up I set to work in the kitchen making Carrick's favorite part about Christmas, sticky rolls!

yum! They were soo good!

I also made one of my favorites. My Grandma's egg noodles and chicken soup!

It made my kitchen smell wonderful!

Well that pretty much sums up our Holidays. I had to work New Years Day so we didn't do anything crazy for the eve. In fact we were in bed at 11:30. We did hear the fireworks going off. Well, I did at least. I think Carrick was already asleep!

We have many things to look forward to this next year and can't wait to share them with friends and family. My mom is coming to visit very soon! I have a Girl Scout event while she's here that I'm working on. After that the preparations will really start for summer camp, which has been moved to April this year. I should be starting school soon to be an elementary teacher, and Carrick will be headed to the states to attend school for his new job sometime in the spring. Perhaps the biggest thing I'm looking forward to is my sister's wedding in June. I plan to come home for the whole month!

We hope your year is filled with things to look forward to as well. Thank you to family and friends that have supported us while we see what life has to offer us in Japan. (I can't believe we've been here almost a year already!)

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