Monday, February 8, 2010


I know it has been quite a while since I have updated this. I'm sorry if anyone has been checking in and seeing the same screen. Here are some updates from us:

1. I am no longer working as a lifeguard. I felt like my time was being stretched too thin between work, volunteering for Girl Scouts, and the time I want to spend with Carrick enjoying our island home. I'm much less stressed and feel like I have time to fully commit myself to what matters most. I'm also looking forward to having more time to explore photography and sewing, which you may have noticed I haven't done much of in a while.

2. School! Carrick and I will both be starting school soon. He will be traveling back to the states to go to school for his new job. I am scheduled to start my online program for elementary education in March.

3. Girl Scouts. I am still the camp director for Girl Scouts and things are really starting to pick up. I have been busy scheduling and attending meetings which I think has been very educational for me. I can be pretty shy sometimes, so it has taken quite a bit of courage for me to meet with important military people, and get them to give me what I want! I have a meeting in a week with the Camp Commander for the Jungle Warfare Training Center. You could say I'm just a little nervous. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

4. Travels. I am very excited for my upcoming trip to the states! I'm will be home for Meagan's wedding in June, and hopefully I will get to come home sooner to help get things ready and throw a rockin' bachelorette party ;) Carrick's school has been extended so he won't be able to be at the wedding, which is a bummer. I do plan to stay for awhile after the wedding and watch him graduate from school, so that will be fun!

That's about it for now. We're just taking today easy (Carrick got off work for the super bowl, crazy I know) and I'm catching up. I will be posting pictures from my Mom's visit too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Missy. Looks like you had fun during your moms visit! Looking forward to seeing you in June.