Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First *Successful* Clothing Item

I did it! I finally conquered my fear of sewing actual clothing! I have sewn clothing before, but always with my Grandma's help (who taught me everything I know about sewing). This was not my first attempt, however. That occurred when we were living in Jacksonville, and I had just bought my machine. I was really ambitious and thought I could sew a dress. I bought a pattern and material, which turned out to be my downfall. It was a satin/silky mess. After I cut that pattern it just started unraveling, and I gave up.

But not this time!

I used two patterns out of a book and made up some of it as I went. The top is part of another dress pattern, but I didn't care for the bottom, and the bottom is from a skirt pattern.

Don't laugh too hard at my completely obvious zipper ;). After searching this island for a zipper and finally finding one I just wanted to be finished. I ignored the directions about an invisible zipper (I don't think I have the right pressure foot anyways), and I hand sewed this bad boy in. I'm happy with it. Also, it looks like it's separated at the top, but there is a hook there. I couldn't latch it by myself.

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Anonymous said...

Missy! Looks great! I'm glad your sewing machine is working so well now. I haven't checked your blog for awhile, but did today, and was impressed by all you have done! Hope you are both well. We just returned today from a 10 day vacation to the western shores of Lake Michigan. It was a fun time. But glad to be home!
Love ya, Aunt B