Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Personal Touch to our Decor

Today I was inspired to fill some frames I had purchased for pictures from my sister's wedding. The pictures aren't even ordered yet, and I just can't stand having an empty frame, so I thought about what I should put in them. Our house is kind of photo heavy. We have some pictures that are cherished gifts from Carrick's parents, but all our other wall hangings and such are photographs. I wanted something that was old looking and special to us.... so I thought of maps. I'm drawn to old vintage-y documents and maps are some of my favs. I google image searched for old maps from places that are special to us. I found these three.
The large one is an old railway map of Northeast Iowa. It's my fav of the three. It has Dorchester on it, which is the mailing address for the Girl Scout camp I went to and was a counselor at. I thought that was great because now Dorchester is a tiny one street town with a tavern and a few houses. Many of the towns on this map have little illustrations next to them too which I thought was cool.
The small horizontal map is of the North Carolina coast. This is where Carrick and I first lived together, and where Carrick proposed to me on Topsail Beach.
I'm sure you can guess the location of the third map. It's Okinawa! This one appears to be made by the Marine Corps during World War II.
Carrick came home and said "Hey! Where did you find these?" He thought is was a great idea and really likes them. I'm thinking they're going to stay, and I'll have to make a trip back to the store for frames for Meagan's wedding photos :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the maps! Grandma and Grandpa Hillman are here this weekend and she asked to see your website. Looked at your most recent blogs. Grandma likes the purple orchid. Nice to see updates and Carrick's photogenic pics!(hehe)We're looking forward to seeing Meagan's wedding photos too. Marian and Grandma