Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday in the Kitchen

We get really bored on Sundays. Usually we use up all the fun things we can think of on Saturday, and Sunday we stare at each other and ask, "Well, what do you want to do?" Thats when we walk into the kitchen and find something to make. Usually something that takes longer than 5 minutes which is why we aren't up to making it on weeknights.

This Sunday it was Chicago style pizza in the cast iron. Recipe thanks to my Aunt Beaner!

Carrick insisted on an "action shot."

The dehydrator also saw some action.
Black berry and raspberry fruit leathers... didn't turn out as good as we hoped but it's a learning process :)


Devon said...

Missy--you guys doing okay over there? Just saw the news this morning. Sending thoughts your way. Devon

carrickandmissy said...

We're all good here. We had tsunami warnings yesterday and today but only saw a slight rise in the water. We feel like we got very lucky and continue to pray for those in Mainland and around the world affected by this.