Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lots to update!

Hello friends and family!

Life has recently taken off for us and I haven't been the best at updating, sorry! My head has been swimming with ideas for the Girl Scout camp this summer. Speaking of swimming, I have been offered a job with MCCS as a lifeguard, fulltime, which was a surprise! I'm excited to get back to working again and hope to meet more people through the pools. Carrick has been really busy at work getting things set up after the unit's deployment and taking over from the person he's replacing. Ironically, he's being sent back to North Carolina. He'll be there the 18 of March through the first week of April (I don't remember the exact date). I'm pretty sure he'll miss my birthday though :( We have yet to celebrate my birthday together. No worries though, he's really excited and he'll be one of the first corporals to take this course because it is usually reserved for higher ranks.

As far as exploring our island home... We tried going shopping this past weekend. I am in need of new clothes. We went to American Village to shop and it was terrible to find a parking place, and didn't even get to go to Jusco (like the mall) because the parking was all full! Come to find out there was some live entertainment (that must be pretty popular) which created the parking problem. I came away with no new clothes, but of course Carrick found two shirts he liked. That always seems to happen to us.

The picture is one I don't think I've shared yet. A couple weekends ago we went up North to the city Nago. We went to the pineapple park and ate at this place we both love. We went on a tour there last time we were here and it's sooo good. They bring you a big plate with meat and peppers and onions on it and you cook it on a grill thing right there on your table.

Well, it's late and I should really get in bed! We miss you all!

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